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Introduction to the product

Compatible with: | TFT100 |

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One of the implemented features for fleet management devices is a 1-Wire data protocol, which enables the connection of temperature sensors. It is a perfect accessory for temperature monitoring.

1-Wire temperature sensors is a great addition for your fleet management trackers in the following use cases:

  • Thermostatic controls – maintain temperature near a desired set point.
  • Thermally sensitive system – receive alerts when temperature enters or leaves predefined value.
  • Consumer products – be assured that the goods which you are delivering will maintain high quality.

Technical characteristics

Interface 1-Wire Interface
Wiring Yellow wire – 1-wire data, Red wire - 1-wire Power, Black wire - ground.
Power Supply 3V - 5,5V. Can be Powered from Data Line (parasitic connection)
Accuracy ±0.5°C (-10°C to +85°C)
Temperature range -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
Cable length 8 meters
Tube Stainless Steel
Serial Code Unique 64-Bit
No External Components Required
Stripped & Tinned Terminal


To connect the 1-wire temperature sensor you have to make sure to connect 3 PINs of the sensor to the PINs of your device correctly. Up to 4 sensors can be connected to our devices simultaneously.



1 1-wire Data Outputs temperature data via 1-Wire interface
2 1-wire Power Power supply for the sensor (can be left disconnected in parasitic connection)
3 GND (-) Ground.
1wire temp diagram.png

Device configuration

The device reads the sensor data automatically after the sensors are connected, however, the I/O elements are disabled by default to save data. To receive data to the server, make sure that the appropriate I/O elements(Dallas Temperature # / Dallas Temperature ID #) are enabled.

IO parameters.png

The first ID is the sensor that is connected first, which can be changed from the software side without disconnecting the sensors. It can be done by navigating to the 1-Wire section and assigning the IDs of the sensors in your desired order.

TFT100 1-Wire.png