Call Related Commands

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Call Related Commands

7.1. ATA Answer an Incoming Call - page 89

The command connects the module to an incoming voice or data call indicated by a RINGURC.

7.2. ATD Mobile Originated Call to Dial a Number - page 90

The command can be used to set up outgoing voice and data calls. Supplementary services can also be controlled with this command.

7.3. ATH Disconnect Existing Connection - page 92

The command disconnects circuit switched data calls or voice calls. AT+CHUPis also used to disconnect the voice call.

7.4. AT+CVHU Voice Hang up Control - page 92

The command controls whether ATHcan be used to disconnect the voice call.

7.5. AT+CHUP Hang up Call - page 93

The command cancels all voice calls in the state of Active, Waiting and Held. For data connections, use ATH.

7.6. +++ Switch from Data Mode to Command Mode - page 93

The +++ character sequence causes the module to switch from data mode to command mode. It allows inputting ATcommandswhile maintaining the data connection with the remote device.

7.7. ATO Switch from Command Mode to Data Mode - page 94

The command resumes the connection and switches back from command mode to data mode.

7.8. ATS0 Set Number of Rings before Automatically Answering Call - page 95

The command controls automatic answering mode for the incoming calls.

7.9. ATS6 Set Pause before Blind Dialing - page 96

The command is implemented for compatibility reasons only, and has no effect.

7.10. ATS7 Set Timeto Wait for Connection Completion - page 96

The command specifies the amount of time(unit: second) to wait for the connection completion in case of answering or originating a call. If no connection is established during the time, the module disconnects from the line.

7.11. ATS8 Set the Timeto Wait for Comma Dial Modifier - page 97

The command is implemented for compatibility reasons only, and has no effect.

7.12. ATS10 Set DisconnectionDelay after Indicating the Absence of Data Carrier - page 98

The command determines the amount of time(unit: tenths of a second) during which the UE remains connected in absence of a data carrier.

7.13. AT+CBST Select Bearer Service Type - page 98

The Write Command selects the bearer service <name>, the data rate <speed>and the connection element<ce>to be used when data calls are originated.

7.14. AT+CSTA Select Type of Address - page 101

The Write Command selects the type of number for further dialing commands ATD according to 3GPP Specifications. Test command returns values supported a compound value.

7.15. AT+CLCC List Current Calls of ME - page 101

The execution command returns the list of all current calls. If the command is executed successfully, but no calls existed, no information response but OK is sent to TE.

7.16. AT+CR Service Reporting Control - page 103

The command controls the module whether or not to transmit an intermediate result code +CR: <serv> to the TE when a call is being set up.

7.17. AT+CRC Set Cellular Result Codes for Incoming Call Indication - page 104

The command controls whether or not to use the extended format of incoming call indication. When it is enabled, an incoming call is indicated to the TE with unsolicited result code +CRING: <type> instead of the normal RING.

7.18. AT+CRLP Select Radio Link Protocol Parameter - page 105

The Write Command sets radio link protocol (RLP) parameters used when non-transparent data calls are originated.

7.19. AT+QECCNUM Configure Emergency Call Numbers - page 106

The command can be used to query, add and delete ECC numbers (emergency call numbers). There are two kinds of ECC numbers:ECC numbers without (U)SIM and ECC numbers with (U)SIM.The default ECC numbers without SIM is 911, 112, 00, 08, 110, 999, 118 and 119. The default ECC number with (U)SIM is 911 and 112.911 and 112 will always be supported as ECC numbers, and cannot be deleted. ECC numbers can be saved into NV automatically. If the (U)SIMcardcontains ECC file, the numbers in ECC file can also be regarded as ECC numbers.

7.20. AT+QHUP Hang up Call with a Specific Release Cause - page 108

The command can terminate a call or calls (including both voice call and data call) with a specific 3GPP TS 24.008 release cause specified by the host.