DOUT controls

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DOUT ON/OFF Duration

In all scenarios that control Digital Output, Digital Output can be controlled independent from scenario.
DOUT ON Duration parameter shows for how long DOUT is set on after scenario is activated and DOUT OFF Duration parameter shows how long DOUT is set off after DOUT ON duration ends. After DOUT OFF duration ends, DOUT ON duration will be counted again. This period continues until scenario turns off. DOUT ON and DOUT OFF duration parameters must be configured in ms.

DOUT control depending on functionality priority

All DOUT control functionalities now have their own priority (non-configurable). Depending on priority DOUT control may be overtaken by higher priority functionality without finishing previous scenario.
DOUT control scenarios and functionalities by priority:

  • Immobilizer (highest priority).
  • DOUT control via call.
  • Green Driving.
  • Jamming.
  • Overspeeding.
  • Idling.
  • DOUT control via SMS (lowest priority).

For example, if jamming will be detected during Overspeeding, then Jamming functionality will control DOUT.