GH5200 Bluetooth 4.0 settings

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GH5200 offers Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, also referred as BLE) functionality.

Common settings

Bluetooth 4.0 common settings.png
  • Non Stop Scan - Enabled Non Stop Scan feature, the device will try to scan for the sensors all the time if any of them are configured.
  • BLE Scan Start Period - This parameter determines when the next BLE scan will start for Beacons and TZ sensors.
  • BLE Scan Duration - Sensors data reading time.
  • Scan retries until error - Configured scan retries, to show the Error Value '3000' - sensor disconnected.
  • BT power level - The BT power level can be selected. Approximate range in meters:
    1 - <0.5
    2 - 0.5
    3 - 11
    4 - 13
    5 - 15
    6 - 27
    7 - 50
  • BLE broadcasting service ID - When any ID is provided, the broadcasting is enabled.
  • BLE connection control - if Enabled, the BLE connections are allowed.
  • Backup Tracker - enabled or disabled Backup tracker scenario.
NOTE! Backup Tracker feature only available on the FW 55.01.00 Rev 0 or newer.

Configuration modes

Bluetooth 4.0 common settings non stop scan.png
  • If the Non Stop Scan is Enabled, the Non Stop sensor scans until any error will be hidden. Although BLE scan duration will still be active because it is important for btgetlist SMS command.
Bluetooth 4.0 common settings.png
  • If Non Stop Scan Disabled, Scan period is selected manually.

The Scan time period will be selected from two sources:

  • BLE Scan Duration - the time when sensors are scanned,
  • Update frequency - The time when the sensor information is packed as the AVL Data record.

For example, if Update frequency - 120 seconds and BLE Scan Duration - 60 Seconds, the device will start the first scan after 120 seconds and will scan nearby BLE devices for 60 seconds to update configured sensor data. The sensor data will be updated every 120 seconds. Update Frequency is counted even while a scan is performed.

Update frequency period passes. 120 seconds -> 0 seconds, a 60 second scan is initiated. Update Frequency countdown is restarted (countdown from configured value to 0) while the scan (according to the BLE Scan duration parameter) is performed.

BLE connectionless functionalities

BLE connectionless functionalities.png

Currently to the GH5200 device up to 4 sensors can be connected.

When Advanced mode is selected a table with configurable parameters will appear. BLE connectionless functionalities advanced.png

  • Type – EIR data type. This parameter will indicate which type to look for and work with. Note: We have also added type with value 0xFE which will indicate to work with a whole data packet and not just a single data type.
  • Data Offset – start index of data we are interested in.
  • Data Size – size of the data we are interested in.
  • Action – two actions are possible: Match and Save. Match means that we want to perform a validation of certain data. Save means that we want to get certain data and later save it to an AVL record.
  • IO – tells which IO element's data will be saved to.
  • Match – hex string to be matched with BLE sensor data. Used only with Match action.
  • Endianness – endianness of data: little endian (ex. 0x1122) or big endian (ex. 0x2211). Used only with Save action.
  • Multiplier – value to be used to multiply output data. Used only with Save action.
  • Offset – value to be added to output data. Used only with Save action.

How to correctly configure the Bluetooth LE solutions, can be found here: