GH5200 Bluetooth Features

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NOTE! This section is available ONLY in Proximity scenario FW 55.00.08.Rev.337 or newer

Bluetooth Home Zone settings

BT FT Bluetooth Home Zone settings.png

This functionality allows to detect and measure RSSI level between beacon/sensor and GH5200 device and sends indication that Home Zone is violated. This functionality allows for user to create Home Zone using Beacons or ELA COIN MOV sensors and inform when User brakes the violations.

Important Home Zone parameters in Bluetooth features section:
If None is selected then Bluetooth Home Zone functionality w ill be disabled.

  • BLE Geofence: Defines types of BLE Geofence.
  • Beacons are used for home zone functionality.
  • ELA MOV is used for Home Zone and movement violations. If RSSI level is lower than set RSSI limit then violation 2 occurs. If during configured time sensor becomes invisible to the unit then violation 4 occurs. If sensor is being tampered with or moved then movement (AVL 874) violation 1 is generated.
  • ELA Sensors:Could be use any other ELA sensor. If RSSI level is lower than set RSSI limit then violation 2 occurs. If during configured time sensor becomes invisible to the unit then violation 4 occurs.
  • Generate event: Defines when event should be generated: 0 On Exit (when Alarm ends), 1 On Entrance (when Alarm is generated ) and 2 On Both (when Alarm starts and ends.
  • Pre Alarm: Defines how much time user has before record will be send to server. During this time Alarm event could be disarmed. This setting also controls Proximity Pre Alarm.
  • Home Zone RSSI: Defines lowest RSSI level for BLE device.
  • Time Without Beacon: Defines timeout without beacon before Pre-Alarm. (It works only with the Beacons, not the sensors)
  • Call To: Selects number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which call will be made, if Order Priority is configured to Call.
  • Send SMS To: Selects number from 10 GSM Predefined Number list to which Man Down SMS will be send.
  • SMS Text: Defines SMS text that will be send when Man Down event will be generated.

Once Home Zone is violated pre alarm is activated, after Pre-Alarm timeout is exceeded Home Zone alarm record will be generated.

Detailed instructions on how to configure and use Home Zone are here.

Proximity Settings

Proximity 349.png

This functionality allows to detect and measure RSSI level between two or more GH5200 devices and indicate when personal zone is violated. It's mostly used to keep the safe distance between people to prevent the spread of the viruses. When personal space is violated device sends data to the server with violator identification number to know who had a contact. This solution could be easily integrated in every company to keep people safer.

Important Proximity parameters in Bluetooth features section:

  • Proximity detection must be Enabled
  • RUTX support selection. This feature allows to transfer the data of Proximity events via Bluetooth using RUTX router.
  • Proximity violator type. Beacons could be used to trigger the Proximity events as well. In this case Beacon detection must be configured in Beacon List section. All or Configured should be selected as in the picture below. If Configured is selected, Beacons's UUID, Major and Minor must be entered in the Beacon List. More information about Beacons configuration could be found here.

Beacon List 349.png

If Teltonika devices is selected as a violator type, in Beacon List section must be selected Teltonika as well:

Beacon List 349 Teltonika.png
  • Group ID 0 detects all GH5200 devices
  • Group ID 1 - 255 will not detect those GH5200 devices, which has the same Group ID
  • Proximity RSSI (dBm) - threshold, which describes maximum allowed RSSI value of surrounding GH5200 devices.
  • Proximity RSSI exit threshold - RSSI threshold of exiting the Proximity event.

Example: if Proximity RSSI (dBm) set to -60 and Proximity RSSI exit threshold to 5 - device starts Alarm when signal reached -60, but ends Alarm when RSSI value becomes lower than -65. This function is used to avoid fake exits from the Alarm event, because of RSSI jumps.

  • Proximity RSSI moving average - is used to reduce unexpected RSSI jumps, Proximity feature could use RSSI moving average of values, which were measured in the past time.
  • Proximity RSSI moving average samples describes on how many values are used to calculate an average of the RSSI.

NOTE! Proximity feature could be disabled or enabled while device is charging. Just click Disable/Enable on Proximity while charging option. Also the device can Advertise only, in this case events won't be generated and indications won't work, but other devices will be able to detect the device.

Lockdown Indication settings

Lockdown Indication settings.png
  • Lockdown Indication settings - Proximity and Home Zone Pre-Alarm duration could be configured here.