GH5200 Keyboard

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Keyboard functionality

GH5200 keyboardLayout.png

A virtual keyboard is based on five configurable buttons:

  • Alarm Button ;
  • Power Button ;
  • Button 1 ;
  • Button 2 ;
  • Button 3 .

Each button has three click combinations and one Power Button - specific combination for power off:

  • 1 Click – button is pressed once for no longer than two seconds.
  • 2 Clicks – button is pressed for no more than two times. Time between clicks has to be shorter than one second.
  • Long Click – button is pressed and held down for two seconds.
  • 5 second-long click on Power Button - the device is turned off.

Button IO Feature

GH5200 Button IO Feature.png

Purpose of this functionality is to generate event on button click to let user know which button was clicked and what action was done (if action is configured). Events will be generated only if one (or more) buttons are selected in the Event Button Source parameter and only for selected buttons.
Button IO Feature events are generated with AVL ID 389.

Feature Settings parameter sets the priority of event:

  • Low Priority - Generates record and sends it to server with next data transmission.
  • High Priority - Generates record with High priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server using GPRS.

Possible hexadecimal values are provided in the table below

1 Click 2 Clicks Long Click
Alarm Button 0x11 0x12 0x13
Power Button 0x21 0x22 0x23
Button 1 0x31 0x32 0x33
Button 2 0x41 0x42 0x43
Button 3 0x51 0x52 0x53

Button Action

Available functionalities for button click combinations are provided in the table below

Name Description
None Do nothing when button is triggered
Alarm Activate Alarm scenario
ManDown On Enable ManDown scenario
ManDown Off Disable ManDown scenario
ManDown Switch Activate/Deactivate ManDown scenario
ManDown Cancel Cancels current ManDown event, but ManDown feature stays enabled.
Auto Geofence On Enable Auto Geofence scenario
Auto Geofence Off Disable Auto Geofence scenario
Auto Geofence Switch Activate/Deactivate Auto Geofence scenario
Call Call to number selected in Call Action
SMS Send SMS to number selected in Send SMS to
Tracking Switch Turn on/Turn off GNSS module
Tracking On Turn on GNSS module
Tracking Off Turn off GNSS module
On Demand tracking Switch Activate/Deactivate Tracking on Demand functionality
On Demand tracking On Starts Tracking on Demand functionality
On Demand tracking Off Stops Tracking on Demand functionality
Movement Event Switch Activate/Deactivate Movement Event scenario
Movement Event On Enable Movement Event scenario
Movement Event Off Disable Movement Event scenario
Answer Answer incoming call
Loud Answer Answer incoming call with loud speaker
Hang-Up Hang-up when incoming call is in progress
Volume Up Increase speaker volume by 10%
Volume Down Reduce speaker volume by 10%
Switch Speaker Switch between Normal/Loud speaker
Power Off Turn off device
Function Pause Pause ManDown and NoMovement Event scenarios
Amber alert Switch Activate/Deactivate Amber alert scenario
Amber alert On Enable Amber alert scenario and starts countdown timer
Amber alert Off Disable Amber alert scenario
Beacon On Demand Switch Activate/Deactivate Beacon On Demand functionality
Beacon On Demand On Starts Beacon on Demand functionality and scanning for determined duration
Beacon On Demand Off Stops Beacon on Demand functionality