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Hey Mobility is compatible with most of Teltonika's Mobility devices.


HEY Mobility Technologies is a ride sharing and management platform. The platform offers a scalable, user-friendly solution suitable for different vehicle types. HEY smart mobility solution is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, companies who want to follow their vehicle fleets, manufacturers who need vehicle-specific solutions (electric vehicles, mopeds, electric scooters, forklifts, etc.), institutions and ports that need an on-campus transportation solution.


  • LOCATION TRACKING. With real-time location tracking, one can track the location of its vehicles on the map and filter according to vehicle names;
  • ROLE BASED MANAGEMENT PANEL. Ability to view and restrict menus for different user roles. In this way, users can access the menus in their field of duty and perform their operations.
  • REMOTE ON / OFF AND READ VEHICLE DATA. You can see the current status of the vehicle (unlocked / locked), battery level, and send unlock / lock and different management commands to your vehicle.
  • ALARM TRACKING. You can see the alarm data from the vehicles in real time, intervene or use alarm queries for the past
  • MOBILE APPLICATION. The mobile application provides customers with features such as finding nearby vehicles on the map, starting and ending the trip, viewing the trip history.
  • PAYMENT SYSTEM. An electronic invoice is created for each customer when the trip is completed. Invoices can be viewed by customers through the mobile application and by users through the panel.

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Supported devices

A list of Teltonika tracking devices that are compatible with Hey Mobility platform:

  • TFT100
  • TST100
  • GH5200
  • TMT250