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ManDown feature gets current accelerometer data and calculates angles between offset positions. Currently there are two positions: horizontal (when GPS antenna is in horizontal position facing the sky) and vertical. Scanning is performed each second. When calculated angle exceeds configured angle for configured period of time, an event is generated with configured priority and an SMS event takes place, if it is configured. When angle returns to allowed position, an event with the same priority is generated, an SMS can be sent and a call can be performed, if it is configured.

Device positions

Horizontal position
Vertical position

How to configure ManDown scenario

-ManDown- GPRS APN Settings.png
-ManDown- Features tab.png

1. Open Configurator software and navigate to GPRS tab. In GPRS tab, find GPRS Settings and fill in your GSM providers' APN values;
2. After filling APN values, navigate to SMS\Call Settings tab, locate GSM Predefined Numbers and Authorized Numbers lists and insert your phone number in one of the lists;
3. Navigate to Features tab. Enable ManDown scenario, select the devices' preferred default position, set angle based on your preferences and fill in SMS Text field. SMS Text field can include different I/O values. More information on how to code SMS Text field can be found in here;

-ManDown- SMS Call Settings2.png

4. In the same Features tab, locate Event Notification and select ManDown. Select one of SMS sending methods - GPRS or SMS or GPRS and SMS:

GPRS or SMS - SMS will be sent upon GPRS failure;
GPRS and SMS - SMS will be sent upon GPRS failure or after the device sends records to the server;
-ManDown- Event Notification.png

5. In SMS Settings and Call Settings lists, select your phone number from drop-down menu. Up to 5 different numbers can receive a call or an SMS. In Call Answer Timeout and Call Repeat fields fill in the desired values: Call Answer Timeout - Timeout used for indicating successful call, Call Repeat - number of call repeats if the first call was unsuccessful.
6. In Call After Answer field, select 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th number (or all together) if you have that many different numbers configured. What it does is when any of those numbers are enabled, the call will be made to selected numbers regardless on answered voice call. You can also enable Inform When Answered and Inform When Not Answered fields, to receive an SMS if the call was picked up or was not picked up.

-ManDown- Call After Answer.png

More info will be posted shortly