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SOSvolaris safety platform is compatible with most of the Teltonika Mobility devices. In addition, the platform supports configuration over the air and new features of Teltonika Mobility devices are added frequently.

Description[edit | edit source]

The SOSvolaris platform is designed to ensure personal safety. It is being developed in The Netherlands since 2014. Easily configure connected Teltonika Mobility devices remotely and empower them with additional features. Additionally connect the devices to one of the available 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC) or Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Besides extra features, the SOSvolaris platform offers various automated diagnostic features to ensure maximum reliability of the Teltonika Mobility devices. Mandatory features for the protection of lone workers, healthcare workers or elderly. This distinguishes the SOSvolaris platform from traditional tracking platforms.

SOSvolaris offers a Partner Environment for Teltonika partners. The partner environment unlocks more features like generating customer accounts, export various reports and advanced device diagnostics. As well as adding an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously and automatically configuring them over the air.

Connect Teltonika Mobility devices directly to the SOSvolaris app[edit | edit source]

Any connected Teltonika Mobility device is directly available in the SOSvolars app. The SOSvolaris app is available on Android and iOS devices. Receive alarm messages from Teltonika Mobility devices and start various scenario's.

Unique use case: TMT250 alert to GH5200 using voice[edit | edit source]

Teltonika Mobility and SOSvolaris have been working on a unique use case. Alert the security guard with voice message on the GH5200 by pressing the TMT250. Every TMT250 has its own configurable easy to understand name. For instance: Desk first floor, Desk second floor, Reception, Storage, etc. By pressing the TMT250, a voice message will be sent to the GH5200 and will repeat the pre-configured voice message, which can dynamically contain the TMT250's name. Use case bank & office security.png

Supported devices[edit | edit source]

A list of Teltonika Mobility devices that are compatible with SOSvolaris:

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