Serial Interface Control Commands

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Serial Interface Control Commands

3.1. AT&C Set DCD Function Mode - page 31

The command controls the behavior of the UE‟s DCD (data carrier detection) line.

3.2. AT&D Set DTR Function Mode - page 31

The commanddetermines how the UE responds if DTR line is changed from lowto highlevelduring data mode.

3.3. AT+IFC Set TE-TA Local Data Flow Control - page 32

The command determines the flow control behavior of the serial port.

3.4. AT+IFC Set TE-TA Local Data Flow Control - page 33

The command determines the serial interface character framing format and parity received by TA from TE.

3.5.AT+IPR Set TE-TA Fixed Local Rate - page 34

The commandis used to query and set the baud rate of the UART. The default baud rate value (<rate>) is 115200bps. The setting of <rate>will not be restored with AT&F.

3.6.AT+QRIR Restore RI Behaviorto Inactive - page 35

If the RI (ring indicator) behavior is "always",it can be restored to inactive by the Execution Command. The RI behavior is controlled by AT+QCFG. Please refer to AT+QCFG="urc/ri/ring", AT+QCFG="urc/ri/sms incoming"and AT+QCFG="urc/ri/other"for more details.