TAT100 GPRS settings

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GPRS Settings

GPRS settings.png
  • APN - Access point name, mandatory parameter which is used connect to internet (GPRS).
  • APN Username - Access point username (optional – depending on operator).
  • APN password - Access point password (optional – depending on operator).

Some operators use specific type of authentication for GPRS session – CHAP or PAP. If any of these is used, APN should be entered as "chap:<APN>" or "pap:<APN>" respectively e.g. if operator is using APN "internet" with CHAP authentication, it should be entered as "chap:internet". Information about APN and authentication type should be provided by your GSM operator.

Server Settings

Server settings tat100.png
  • Domain - Server IP or DNS address.
  • Port - Server port.

This section allows setting the protocol used for data transfers – TCP or UDP. Also it is possible to choose if the encryption for sending the records should be used.

Test Connection will generate one high-priority test record and initiates connection to the configured server.

Bw nb.png NOTE: configuration must be saved to the device before testing the connection to the server.

Records Settings

Records settings tat100.png
  • Sort by - Here X device will send the newest records first when Newest is selected, which is useful in cases when the most important parameter set is the most recent one, as a result other records will be sent right after the newest records are received by AVL application.
  • ACK Type - Possible to choose TCP/IP or AVL type

FOTA WEB Settings

Fotaweb settings tat100.png

These settings are used to configure FOTA WEB server connection parameters.

  • Status enables or disables FOTA WEB functionality.
  • Domain - Address of FOTA website.
  • Port - Port number of FOTA website.