TAT100 GPRS settings

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GPRS Settings

GPRS settings.png
  • APN - Access point name, mandatory parameter which is used connect to internet (GPRS).
  • APN Username - Access point username (optional – depending on operator).
  • APN password - Access point password (optional – depending on operator).

Some operators use specific type of authentication for GPRS session – CHAP or PAP. If any of these is used, APN should be entered as "chap:<APN>" or "pap:<APN>" respectively e.g. if operator is using APN "internet" with CHAP authentication, it should be entered as "chap:internet". Information about APN and authentication type should be provided by your GSM operator.

Server Settings

Server settings tat100.png
  • Domain - Server IP or DNS address.
  • Port - Server port.

This section allows setting the protocol used for data transfers – TCP or UDP. Also it is possible to choose if the encryption for sending the records should be used.

Test Connection will generate one high-priority test record and initiates connection to the configured server.

Bw nb.png NOTE: configuration must be saved to the device before testing the connection to the server.

Records Settings

Records settingsV.png
  • Sort by - Here TAT100 device will send the newest records first when Newest is selected, which is useful in cases when the most important parameter set is the most recent one, as a result other records will be sent right after the newest records are received by AVL application.
  • ACK Type - Possible to choose TCP/IP or AVL type
  • First Power On record - first Power On record is a feature that when enabled sends first record on first manual power-up by switch. It can be turned on/off also by SMS/GPRS command.

More about First Power On record feature:
This parameter has an ID 199.
When enabled, the device on first power on will perform standard operations like in period record sending - time synchronization, getting GNSS fix, getting LBS data and etc. The time period of time from the moment of switching on the device and record sending strongly depends on configuration and time for fix searching. For example:

  • When the tracking source is GNSS, in good conditions (clear sky, antenna pointing upwards) the first record will be sent approximately after 2 minutes from the time the device is turned on.
  • If the location source is LBS only, the record can be received even more quickly - after about 90 seconds.

Depending on how bad the conditions are, the time to send a record can be significantly longer (a few additional minutes).

Some things that should be taken in consideration:

1. Static navigation logic will be ingored for this record.
2. When working with Recovery mode scenario, this first record will be an alarm record if Update frequency parameter is sufficiently short to generate an alarm before sending a record.
3. When setting First Power On record parameter with SMS/GPRS command, it is recommended to send this command before turning the device on. Doing it with initial delay after turning on the device may cause unstable behavior.

FOTA WEB Settings

Fotaweb settings tat100.png

These settings are used to configure FOTA WEB server connection parameters.

  • Status enables or disables FOTA WEB functionality.
  • Domain - Address of FOTA website.
  • Port - Port number of FOTA website.