TAT100 SMS/GPRS Commands

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Commands apply for these devices: | TMT250 | GH5200 | TST100 | TFT100 | TAT100 |

All commands are case sensitive. When user tries to send SMS/GPRS message to device that operates in Deep Sleep mode, it cannot arrive to it because the GSM/GPRS module is disabled most of the time. Device will receive the SMS message when it exits Deep Sleep mode, but GPRS commands will not be received after exiting Deep Sleep Mode.
If the device is in GPS Sleep or Online Deep Sleep mode, sent SMS/GPRS message will arrive to the device.

SMS command structure:

<SMS login><space><SMS password><space><command><space><value>

SMS command getinfo example:

  • If you have set SMS login and password: login pass getinfo
  • If SMS login and password are not set leave two spaces before command:   getinfo

GPRS commands require Codec 12 protocol.

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Common commands

Command Description Response HW Support Parameter Group
getinfo Device runtime system information. Yes Common commands
getver Returns code version, device IMEI, modem app version, RTC time, Init time, Uptime and BT MAC address. Yes Common commands
getstatus Modem Status information. Yes Common commands
getgps Current GPS data, date and time. Yes Common commands
getio Readout analog input,digital input and output. Yes Common commands
ggps Returns location information with Google maps link. Yes Common commands
readio # Returns IO status, # AVL ID. Yes Common commands
cpureset resets device No Common commands
fwstats Get data about FW and restarts Yes Common commands
getrecord SMS command initiates saving and sending of high priority record No Common commands
getimeiccid # Response is sent to SMS/GPRS command sender and also to GSM number provided.

1.# GSM number using international format e.g. 37069012345

Yes Common commands
getimsi Sends the IMSI number of the SIM card inserted as a response to the sender. Yes Common commands
allver Responds with information about hardware and firmware versions and storage space Yes Common commands
getparam # Returns selected parameter value.

1.# - first ID value.
2.# - second ID value.
3.# - third ID value.
SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

Yes Common commands
getparam #;#;…
setparam #:# Sets selected parameter value

[Parameter ID] : [New Parameter Value] ; [Parameter ID] : [New Parameter Value]...

SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

Yes Common commands
setparam #:#;#:#;…
flush #,#,#,#,#,#,# Redirects device to other server.

1.# - IMEI.
2.# - APN.
3.# - LOGIN.
4.# - PASS.
5.# - IP.
6.# - PORT.
7.# - MODE (0-TCP/1-UDP).

Yes Common commands
countrecs Returns records number. Yes Common commands
web_connect Connect to Fota WEB immediately. Yes Common commands
deleterecords Delete all records from SD card. Yes

Common commands
wdlog Returns all information about 'watch dogs' Yes Common commands
defaultcfg Load default configuration. Yes Common commands
setkey # # Add new or change current configuration keyword. If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed.

1.# - old keyword (if adding new keyword space).
2.# - new keyword.

Yes Common commands
delkey # Remove existing keyword (If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed).

1.# - old keyword.

Yes Common commands
bbread # Return black box information (HEX value of event ID and HEX value of custom data field (optional)).

1.# - returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.

Yes Common commands
bbinfo # Return same information as bbread command but additional all events timestamp is written in HEX.

1.# - returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.

Yes Common commands
sdformat Format SD card. Yes Common commands