TFT100 Manual CAN Commands

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Manual CAN Commands

Manual CAN Commands.png

To use Manual CAN Commands functionality, the user can select any of listed available CAN protocols in CAN I/O tab apart from "None". Afterwards, Manual CAN Commands functionality can be found at the bottom of Manual CAN Settings tab in configurator.

NOTE! Manual CAN Commands can be tested on FW 55.00.09.rev.08 or newer

Manual CAN Commands functionality allows user to send configurable commands in CAN network. Up to 10 Manual CAN Commands could be configured by setting parameters using SMS/GPRS commands or in configurator at the bottom of Manual CAN Settings tab.

The main benefit, of using Manual CAN Commands functionality is that the user is able to control the transport via CAN BUS without requiring additional specific commands implementation from the device's firmware side to perform certain action. To use this functionality, the user must have:

  • TFT100 device with CAN interface;
  • 55.00.09.Rev.08 or newer firmware;
  • Transport with CAN interface;
  • Transport's CAN communication protocol (with information about frames, parameters, ID's, baud rate and commands).

Manual CAN Commands Settings.png

Manual CAN Commands Settings

User can configure up to 10 Manual CAN Commands by setting CAN Type, CAN ID, Data, Data length, Send Type, Send Period, Send Count parameters. Manual CAN Send Type.gif

  • CAN Type - Enables command and selects CAN ID Type which will be used in command.
  • CAN ID - Defines command CAN ID.
  • Data - Defines command data.
  • Data length - Defines command data length in bytes.
  • Send Type - Selects command send type:
    - If Once is selected - command will be send one time after it is triggered.
    - If Periodic is selected - command will be send periodically after it is triggered.
    - If Response is selected - command will be send once as response to received manual can message.
  • Send Period - Defines command send period in ms if Periodic send type is selected.
  • Response - Defines Manual CAN message which will trigger command.
  • Send Count - Defines command sending count if Periodic send type is selected:
    - If set to 0 - command will be send infinitely until it is turned off by user.
Parameter Id Name Value Description
Min Max Default
16000 + 10 * Command number CAN Type 0 - Disabled 2 - Extended 0 - Disabled 0 - Disabled

1 - Standard

2 - Extended

16001 + 10 * Command number CAN ID 00000000 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF CAN ID Range
16002 + 10 * Command number Data 0000000000000000 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF CAN Data Range
16003 + 10 * Command number Data length 0 8 0 Length Bytes
16004 + 10 * Command number Send Type 0 - Once 2 - Response 0 - Once 0 - Once

1 - Periodic

2 - Response

16005 + 10 * Command number Send Period 0 2147483640 0 Period ms
16006 + 10 * Command number Response 0 29 0 Manual CAN No.
16007 + 10 * Command number Send Count 0 1000 0 Send Count

SMS/GPRS Commands for Manual CAN Commands functionality

  • mcan_cmd:<Command No.> - Used to trigger Manual CAN Command.
  • mcan_stop:<Command No.> - Used to turn off periodic Manual CAN Command.


  • Example on how to configure Manual CAN Commands functionality can be found in here.