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2021-03-24 Vaidas Š. "TFT100 AVL ID" page was updated. Added SuperSoco AVL ID list. Page
2021-03-15 Simonas S. Pages: FOTA WEB FAQ, Getting Started, Devices, Users, Companies, Groups, Files menu, Company and User role structure, Account Settings have been updated. Pages
2021-02-25 Simonas S. Page "How to check GSM signal strength" was created. Page
2021-02-04 Simonas K. GH5200 Firmware Errata page was updated. Added changes of 55.00.13.Rev.00 and 55.00.08.Rev.344. Page
2021-02-02 Simonas S. Page "How to compose an SMS text according to your needs" was created. Page
2021-01-27 Simonas K Declaration of IMEI assignment for our devices was updated. Page
2021-01-27 Martyna D. Certificate REACH was updated. Page
2021-01-08 Vaidas Š. "Certificates overview" page was updated. Page
2021-01-07 Vaidas Š. “Ukrainian UCRF” pages for TST100, TAT100, GH5200, TMT250 were created. TST100 | TAT100
GH5200 | TMT250

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