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About Proximity

This functionality allows to detect and measure RSSI level between FMBXXX family devices and indicate when personal zone is violated. It's mostly used to keep the safe distance between people to prevent the spread of the viruses. When personal space is violated device sends data to the server with violator identification number to know who had a contact. This solution could be easily integrated in every company to keep people safer.

Proximity visual.png

How Proximity feature works

Every device is broadcasting information about itself by the configured level of BLE power. At the same time every device is measuring RSSI level of the other devices
broadcast information. For example, device A meets device B. Both devices starts to measure broadcast signal quality of each other in dBm. When they come closer, the signal of their broadcast information gets better. If the signal becomes too good (according to configured RSSI value) it means that personal space is violated.


States of the Proximity event

1. GH5200 violates personal space
2. Pre-Alarm starts counting. It counts seconds, which is configured in Lockdown Indication settings -> Pre-Alarm. The main violation event is still not generated. Pre-Alarm is used to avoid fake alarms and give a notice to move away from another person.
3. If devices do not move away to reach the safe distance in configured time (Pre-Alarm time) - Alarm event is generated and information about violators is sent to the server.
4. When devices moves away in safe distance - Exit event is generated and sent to the server.

Illustration of the Proximity states:

Proximity states.png