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TMT250 Important Firmware Update

Please be informed that there are important update needs to be made to your TMT250 devices.

Update affect: Firmware for Mini TrackerEasy (TMT250)

Technical details:
We have made important changes to the Firmware of TMT250 devices and released a version for update. FMB.Ver.55.00.07.Rev.07 firmware holds important change of charging algorithm. This algorithm provides higher safety and prolonging battery’s life longevity.

Changes will affect these products: TMT250 devices

How this will affect You?
After 6 month warranty has passed, battery is recommended to change, this important firmware update helps to ensure longer battery life time. By updating device you ensure highest safety of Lithium Battery and prolong it’s lifetime.

It is strongly recommended to update all TMT250 units that you possess.
Here is a link to download FMB.Ver.55.00.07.Rev.07 firmware:

Teltonika Drive: FMB.Ver.55.00.07.Rev.07
Password: przTz8CF

For additional information and assistance please contact your Teltonika SAS Sales Manager.