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The liability of Teltonika Telemedic (referred to as the Company) under this warranty is limited to replacing, repairing or issuing credit, at the discretion of the Company, for parts that become defective or fail to meet published specifications during the warranty period; the Company will not be liable under this warranty unless:
    (A) the Company is promptly notified in writing by Buyer upon discovery of defects or failure to meet published specifications;
    (B) the defective unit or part is returned to the Company, transportation charges prepaid by Buyer;
    (C) the defective unit or part is received by the Company for adjustment no later than four weeks following the last day of the warranty period; and
    (D) the Company’s examination of such unit or part shall disclose, to its satisfaction, that such defects or failures have not been caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation, unauthorized repair, alteration or accident.

Any authorization of the Company for repair or alteration by the Buyer must be in writing to prevent voiding the warranty. In no event shall the Company be liable to the Buyer for loss of profits, loss of use, consequential damage or damages of any kind based upon a claim for breach of warranty, other than the purchase price of any defective product covered here under. The Company warranties as herein and above set forth shall not be enlarged, diminished or affected by, and no obligation or liability shall arise or grow out of the rendering of technical advice or service by the Company or its agents in connection with the Buyer's order of the products furnished hereunder.

Device and battery warranty

Teltonika Telemedic guarantees its products a 24-month warranty period. With additional agreement warranty period may be extended, for more detailed information please contact your sales manager.

        Note icon.png Please note:
        Devices carry a 24-month warranty period after purchase of the product.

If a product should fail within this specific warranty time, the product can be:

    • Repaired
    • Replaced with a new product
    • Replaced with an equivalent repaired product fulfilling the same functionality
    • Replaced with an equivalent different product fulfilling the same functionality in case of EOL
        Note icon.png Please note:
        All batteries carry a 6-month warranty period after purchase of the product.
Warranty void statement
    • The above warranties shall be rendered null and void by:
      (A) Buyer's failure to follow any directions, processes, or procedures (including requirements for submitting Incidents to Teltonika TELEMEDIC), perform any procedures requested by Teltonika TELEMEDIC (if such procedure would have avoided the problem resulting in the breach), or provide reasonable assistance to enable Teltonika TELEMEDIC to perform the Support Services (including detailed problem descriptions and access to the Teltonika TELEMEDIC systems and specific implementation); or
      (B) Buyer's implementation of unapproved modifications; or
      (C) Buyer's product usage in a manner that is not indended by the Teltonika TELEMEDIC or in a manner not disclosed by Buyer such as:
          – Unapproved product modifications, repairs or alterations;
          – Breach resulted from the actions or omissions by another party or misuse of the products.

    • Follow all instructions carefully in device manual to ensure the longest lifespan of your device and battery. Damages or poor performance caused by failure to follow warnings and instructions can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
        Note icon.png Please note:
        Please read x Safety instructions and guidelines: here
    • Your device may wear out over time. Some parts and repairs are covered by the warranty within the validity period, but damages or deterioration caused by using unapproved accessories are not.
    • Performance issues relating to signal strength, battery life or any other issue not relating to defects in material and workmanship are not covered under warranty.
    • Do NOT open the housing of the device. Leave the repair to qualified specialists. However, if you carry out repairs yourself, connect the device incorrectly or operate it incorrectly, liability and warranty claims are excluded.
    • Do NOT immerse the device in other liquids including salt, hot, ionized, or soapy water, or alcoholic beverage. Liquid damage is not covered under warranty.
      • Warning.png WARRANTY DISCLAIMER:
Warranty claim submission

To obtain warranty service, please register Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) query in VIP Helpdesk or contact your sales manager. After gathering information, support engineer will initiate RMA form, which the user would need to fill in. Once the form is confirmed, it must be printed and sent with the shipment.