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The BelebGO is compatible with most of Teltonika's Mobility devices.


The BelebGO platform provides ad-hoc white label IoT solutions to govern all types of remote or moving resources such as vehicles, people, equipment, sites… We started over 10 years ago as globally one of the first fully web-based GPS tracking solutions. By now in its 4th generation it has turned into a fully modular and scalable yet easy to use platform for IoT solutions that will be quickly tailor fit to any use case. Some examples:

  • ‘Classic’ GPS tracking and fleet management
  • Field personnel management e.g. sales, service or lone workers
  • OBD II plug&play tracking for private use or data sharing e.g. UBI
  • CO2 emission free E-bike, e-scooter and forklifts sharing and management
  • Other equipment governance


Features With a wide variety of modules available our team will assess then select the needed features for your particular use case. Generally, those are:

  • Maps, Google-, Open source- or special maps like weather or client owned maps
  • Reports to measure KPI in table or graphic formats
  • Alerts with up to 6 priority levels via app push notification, email, web or SMS for fast and targeted reaction for important events
  • Administrative tools to manage the resources as well as access rights to application users
  • API’s to interface with in-house ERP systems

Supported devices

A list of Teltonika tracking devices that are compatible with BelebGO.

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