Declaration of Conformity to BS8484:2016, Section 5

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The British Standard is published by BSI Standards Limited, under licence from The British Standards Institution, and came into effect on 31 August 2016. It was prepared by Subcommittee GW/3/-/12, Protection of lone workers, under the authority of Technical Committee GW/3, Private Security Management & Service.


The British Standard remains a service standard enabled by the integration of a variety of existing technologies.

An employer's duty of care extends to wherever the employee might be called upon to perform their duties. This British Standard applies both within the UK and outside of the UK.

This British Standard applies to lone worker devices, lone worker applications, and all of the supporting monitoring and customer support services. This British Standard also acknowledges that these are part of an overall lone worker protection strategy.

It is increasingly common for customers to integrate lone worker services with their health and safety, security or governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) policies to mitigate risk to their organization and to their lone-working staff. Compliance with this British Standard promotes the most effective use of resources while maintaining a good level of support for lone workers.

This British Standard aims to ensure only verified alarms are passed to the response services