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General Questions

How do I find information on this Wiki?

You can find basic information in the General Information page and you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked question in this FAQ page.
To find specific information related to your device, follow a path such as this from the Wiki's home page: Main Page → Device series → Device name → Information...
For example: Main PageMicro MobilityTFT100TFT100 Manual

Where can I get the latest firmware version?

Please contact Your sales manager or create a query in your VIP Helpdesk account.

How do I contact technical support?

If you have encountered a software/firmware related issue, you can get in touch with TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC technical support via:

  • VIP HelpDesk - you can register your question on Teltonika's internal HelpDesk system. If you don't have access to the HelpDesk, your sales manager can create an account for you.
  • Sales Manager - your sales person can relay technical questions to Teltonika's support team.
  • Crowd-Support Forum - a public forum for TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC related questions.

I have a broken device. What should I do?
  • Please evaluate if your device is eligible for warranty by checking the guidelines described in the RMA page. If you do suspect a hardware malfunction, please fill out this RMA request form and read our warranty policy for more details.
  • Software issues are not covered by TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC' warranty policy. Therefore, if you have encountered an issue related to a device's software/firmware, you should contact TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC technical support (refer to the question above for related information).

My device seems functional, but I cannot access it. What should I do?

If you're having trouble with your device, LED behaviour may provide some insight into what's happening and what steps should be taken next. Look for your device's LED info in the LEDs page. If questions still occur, do not hesitate to ask. How to seek technical help, please refer to question "How do I contact technical support?".

Which TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC device meets my requirements?

It depends on where the device will be used. Refer to links below for help in finding a device that meets the necessary requirements of your solution.

  • Product list - contains the full list of TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC products.
  • Feature lists - comprehensive feature lists for each device can be found by clicking on a product in the list and opening its "Features" section (click 'Expand' to see an example)

I'm looking for information on product accessories. Where can I find it?

All TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC product accessory information is in the Product Accessories page and our website.

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