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  • 09:35, 25 May 2022 Simonas.S talk contribs deleted page FOTA (content was: "FOTA stands for "'''f'''irmware '''o'''ver '''t'''he '''a'''ir". Teltonika fleet management devices support the following FOTA solutions: == FOTA 2.x - desktop application == File: fota_2.10.8_setup.exe (or later, as of 2018-06) It updates firmware of FM devices over the cellular network. It requires an SMS service. FOTA 2 is not recommended for new projects. Complian...", and the only contributor was "Mirifica" (talk))
  • 14:54, 23 March 2020 RokasB talk contribs restored page FOTA (5 revisions)
  • 16:55, 11 February 2020 Delete page script talk contribs deleted page FOTA

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