TAT100 Status info

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Status Info

Status info enables the user to monitor real time information of TAT100. Following fields are displayed:

  • Device Info
  • GNSS Info
  • GSM Info
  • I/O Info
  • Maintenance

User is able to export all of the information to .HTML file using   icon which is at the top right corner of the Device Info area.

Device Info

  • Device Name
  • BlueNRG and Modem firmware version
  • Last Start Time - last device start time.
  • Power Voltage (mV)
  • RTC Time - real time clock or current device time.
  • External Storage (used/total) - Internal Flash memory free space.
  • Device IMEI
  • Battery Voltage (mV)
  • Device Uptime – device uptime from last start time.


  • GNSS status
    • Module status – ON
    • GNSS packets – the amount of GNSS packets device received from startup.
    • Fix Status – Fix/No Fix.
    • Fix Time – the last GNSS fix time.
  • Location
    • Latitude/Longitude – shows current device coordinates and if you press them opens Object location window with map.
    • Altitude, Angle
    • HDOP, PDOP
    • Speed - current device speed.
  • Satellites
    • Visible – the amount and type of satellites that are visible.
    • In Use – the amount of satellites used for location positioning.

GSM Info

  • GSM status
    • Modem Status
    • SIM State – Ready/Unknown
    • GPRS Status – Activated/Deactivated
    • Actual Operator Code
    • Signal Level
  • GPRS traffic
    • Sent Data – the amount of data that has been sent by device.
    • Received Data – the amount of data that has been received by device.
    • Total Traffic – Sent Data + Received Data
  • Sockets information:
    • Type – AVL Data Sending
    • Socket – Closed or Server domain and port which is used when sending AVL Data via TCP/UDP.
  • Records
    • Sent Records count – how many records were sent to the server since last data reset.
    • Last Record Send – date and time when the last record was sent.
    • Last Server Response Time – date and time when the last server response was.
  • SMS Count
    • Received SMS – the amount of SMS messages device has received.
    • Sent SMS – the amount of SMS responses that were sent from the device.
    • SMS Count – Received SMS + Sent SMS

I/O Info

  • I/O Data - shows the current values from all configurable I/O elements.


  • Log/Dump
    • Log - after button is pressed, the device starts log capturing for 10 minutes with configuration download. After this time device .log and configuration .cfg will be in compressed archive.

      Archive name: YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS_X_IMEI_Log.zip
      Default directory: C:\Users\<username>\Documents

    • Dump - after button is pressed, the device starts to download .dmp logs and configuration .cfg from device in compressed archive.

      Archive name: YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS_X_IMEI_Dump.zip
      Default directory: C:\Users\<username>\Documents
      Dump files can be read only with special software. If needed, provide these files to your Teltonika sales manager or Teltonika Support team.

    • Open directory - this button appears near Log or Dump if one of these functions were used.