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Indication is configurable in User Settings via configurator or via SMS/GPRS parameter ID. Each 100 ms device checks if any indication is enabled and triggered. If indication is triggered, then FW starts indicating. If other scenario wants to indicate on the same indication source, then it has to wait while active indication scenario finishes indicating. User can configure each indication like shown in the picture above. Indication can enabled or disable indication, configure in which sleep mode indication can run, configure LED, Vibro, Period, Indication On, Off and how many times to repeat On/Off cycle. When period is set to 0, then indication will start immediately to indicate with configured LED and use vibration, if it is enabled. Period only works for Periodic scenarios (refer to the table below). Indication will turn on LED and Vibration for configured On time and then keep them off for a configured Off period. When configured Repeat value is higher than 0 the device continues On/Off cycle. If indication is periodic and On parameter value is set to 0, then LED and vibro will be set ON and will be set OFF only when indication will be canceled. Only Alarm and Power Key Pressed, Device Off indications can take over control of that LED and Vibro.


Name Type Trigger
GSM Error Periodic When SIM not inserted, is blocked, failed to connect to operator or jammed
GSM Registering Periodic When trying to register to GSM network
SMS Send/Received One Off When SMS is received or sent
Outgoing Call Periodic When outgoing call is in process
Remote Connection Periodic When device is connected to server
Event One Off When eventual record is saved
Panic Event One Off When panic record is saved
No GPS Fix Periodic When device searches valid GPS fix
GPS Fix Periodic When device has valid GPS fix
Device Off One Off When device is turning off
Device On One Off When device turns on
Power Key Pressed Periodic When alarm button is pressed and hold
Power Key Pressed Periodic When power button is pressed and hold
Function Activated One Off Button was triggered with configured function to activate functionality
Function Deactivated One Off Button was triggered with configured function to deactivate functionality
Charging Periodic When device is charging
Fully Charged Periodic When device is fully charged
Pre Alarm Periodic When ManDown functionality starts counting timeout til event
Sleep Mode Periodic When device is in sleep mode
I Am Alive Periodic When configured period passes