Template:TAT100 Mounting recommendations


Bw switch.png Operate the device in suitable conditions

Do not use the device where mobile connectivity is forbidden.

Bw car.png Road safety first

Comply with local traffic laws, always hold your hands on a steering wheel when using a device. Your safety is of utmost importance when you drive.

Bw emi.png Interference

All wireless devices are sensitive to electromagnetic interference, as a result wireless devices affect the performance of each other.

Bw hospital.png Limit the use of device in hospitals

Please follow all restrictions. Turn off the device in the vicinity of medical devices when required.

Bw vehicle.png Limit the use of device in vehicles

Please follow all restrictions. Wireless devices can interfere with other electronic equipment in vehicles.

Bw petrol.png Be cautious near flammable materials and liquids
Warning.png Use only original batteries

Using uncertified manufacturer or different type batteries may cause an explosion.

Warning.png Use batteries safely

Protect batteries from moisture. Avoid extensive operation at high temperatures. Batteries are integrated, do not attempt to change or charge the batteries.

Warning.png Remove device safely

Device must be disconnected from computer by unplugging the micro USB cable from the device.

Warning.png Other

In order to prevent device from mechanical damage it is advisable to transport it in a shock–resistant packaging. If device stopped working properly regardless of the settings only a qualified specialist can help. It is recommended to contact your local seller or your UAB Teltonika manager in such a case.